Kirkjubær is a famlily business. Breeding started on the farm around the middle of last century and Kirkjubær is one of the first farms in Iceland that is built around horse-breeding. Our life is all about horses and all family members participate in one way or another. Hjörvar Ágústsson and Hanna Rún Ingibergsdóttir are the main trainers on the farm and they are both graduated with bachelor degree from Hólar university. Our goal is first and foremost to enjoy our horses and get better as riders and breeders. We think that the Icelandic horse is one of Icelands greatest value.

We just launched a 2022 Calendar for sale. It is a cooperation between Kirkjubær and Liga Liepina Equine photographer. Liga has a super talent for bringing out the best of each horse in front of the camera in combination with unique Icelandic nature. We came up with the idea for this calendar when scrolling through all of our adventurous photos. We figured we should do something with them, and let everyone enjoy the beautiful artistic photos.

Hjörvar hosts a weekly Podcast in Icelandic, where he discusses everything horse related. He interviews riders, trainers and breeders in a conversational style Podcast.