Hanna Rún Ingibergsdóttir

Hanna Rún is born and raised in Hafnarfjörður, she has been around horses from young age. She graduated with a B.S. degree in Equestrian and Riding Instruction in the spring of 2015 with highest honors from Hólar University, she got Morgunblaðaskeifan for the highest overall score in equestrian and an award from Félag Tamningamanna for highest score in the final riding assignment.

After school Hanna Rún and Hjörvar moved to Kirkjubær and have been there since training horses and taking care of the farm.
Hanna Rún is in the National team since 2019 and has been competing in the Champion league since 2016.

Hjörvar Ágústsson

Hjörvar is born and raised in Kirkjubær. He graduated with a B.S. degree in Equestrian and Riding Instruction from Hólar University in Spring of 2014. He worked for one year in Skagafjörður and then he went home to Kirkjubær with Hanna Rún. Together they run the business, train horses and teach riders. Hjörvar also hosts a podcast caleld Kaffistofan with his friends Arnar Bjarki Sigurðsson and Gísli Guðjónsson in cooperation with Eiðfaxi.


Ágúst Sigurðsson & Unnur Óskarsdóttir

Ágúst has a PhD in animal breeding and Unnur is a teacher with BEd degree. Ágúst is a former national horse breeding advisor and rector of the Agricultural University of Iceland. He is currently the mayor of Rangárþing ytra. At Kirkjubær, Ágúst and Unnur are happy construction assistants, book-keepers and horse breeding-brainstormers.


Kirkjubær is one of the first farms in Iceland that based its existence on horse breeding and training solely. It was established in 1950 with a collection of quality breeding horses carefully selected from the best blood lines in Iceland. For the first 15 years it was run by the famous brothers from Nautabú in Skagafjörður, Eggert and Stefán Jónsson. In 1966 the farm was taken over by Sigurður Haraldsson and his family. He was an extremely successful horse breeder and rider who bred horses like Þáttur 722 from Kirkjubær, the father of Þrá from Hólar and Rauðhetta frá Kirkjubæ among others. In 1993 his son Ágúst Sigurðsson took over the farm, initially with his brother Guðjón, but few years later with his wife Unnur and their children. In 2021 their son Hjörvar Ágústsson and their daughter-in-law Hanna Rún Ingibergsdóttir became equal share-owners with Ágúst and Unnur and together they run Kirkjubær. The main activities of Blesi ehf is quality horse breeding, teaching, training and various other service for horse owners.

The herd in Kirkjubær counts close to 80 horses, with 8-10 foals born each year, and normally there are 30-40 training horses at the farm as well. During the breeding period there are always several top stallions located in Kirkjubær offering service to approximately 150 breeding mares in Kirkjubær every summer. The horses from Kirkjubær have been very successful in competition and breeding assessments for many years and about 100 of them have received 1st price at breeding shows. All the current breeding mares in Kirkjubær have received 1st price. In later years the most prominent stallions have been the top 1st price and competition stallions Dropi, Ás and Valgarð and the honorary price stallion Sjóður – all from Kirkjubær.